Consider the Comprehensive Body Scan


• Do you want to take a proactive approach to personal health and well being?

• Are you looking to improve an existing health challenge through a natural means?

You may want to consider the comprehensive body scan…

12-meridiansYour Body’s Communication Network
Keep in mind, your brain sends neurological impulses throughout your body and receives similar energetic impulses in return. This communicative process allows for a remarkable inter-relationship between all living cells, as these energetic impulses go back and forth between brain and body, then back to the brain! What a communication network!

Energetic impulses flow through specific pathways or portals called meridians
These impulses flow back and forth between each meridian point and organ. This continuous flow is necessary for good health. A higher concentration of these tiny meridian points are found on skin surfaces of our hands and feet.

Scientific studies of these specific points have revealed a correlation between each one of these meridian points and its portal connection to a specific organ. These meridian points can be assessed using the Comprehensive Body Scan to help us determine the current status of these organ systems.

The healthier the body, the more open, or patent these portal passages are. A less-than-healthy person will have restricted portal pathways causing blockage of these impulses, impeding normal cellular function. When this happens, weakness occurs, making the body more susceptible to every sickness and disease.

Blocked or restricted pathways are more likely to be present in people who suffer from chronic or recurrent disease. These unhealthy individuals have become all too familiar with the compromising aspects of their deteriorating health. To make matters worse, they may have been told their current condition is incurable, as witnessed by an unsuccessful course of treatment, leaving them desperate and hopeless. Read more about our comprehensive body scan.