The Benefits Of Eating Organic Produce

organic health foodsRemember the days when Mom and Dad would tell us to eat our vegetables before getting up from the kitchen table?  I’m sure many of us would sit there and wonder why on earth we had to eat what looked like green flowers and seaweed.

We heard over and over how important eating fruits and vegetables were to our health and now as adults we know that our parents were right.  Our bodies benefit from fresh produce, as they feed our cells healthy nutrients.  According to the National Cancer Institute, it is recommended that we eat five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.  This means that we should be eating produce at each meal, as well as at snack times.

It is most beneficial when the fruit and vegetables are organic because that way they do not have the harmful pesticides lingering on them.  Most supermarkets carry organic produce now and there are a variety of health food stores that carry it as well.  Organic foods used to be quite expensive, but they have come down significantly over the past few years.  Apples, carrots, broccoli, and cantaloupe are very comparable to non-organic prices.

Popular health food stores such as Whole Foods Market and Earthfare carry a wide selection of organic produce and foods.  If they are not in close proximity to you, some items can be purchased online.  There are also some small, independent health food stores that may be located in your town or a town that is close to you.  Additionally, you may want to visit the nearest Farmer’s Market and ask those selling produce if they farm utilizing organic methods.

If you have a green thumb, you can grow your own organic fruit and vegetables and enjoy healthy produce throughout the warm weather.  If you really want to benefit from your garden, learn how to can and freeze leftover produce and use throughout the winter.

If all else fails and you cannot purchase organic produce, you can purchase regular produce and an organic cleanser that will remove a great deal of the pesticides.  Simply wash your produce with the cleanser and enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

With a diet full of organic fruits and vegetables, you will feel better physically and mentally. You will feel good about yourself for being proactive toward your health and be an example to others.