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Svelte Power – Burn Calories

Svelte Power is capable of helping any adult in need of weight management assistance. The “Power” in Svelte Power is multi-faceted. When taken as directed, proper digestion functions are supported. Svelte Power makes you feel full, the sensation a curbed appetite is a big plus in lieu of some weight loss tablets that simply make you feel high on caffeine. Calories begin to burn quickly, steadily, and within a short time of starting this supplemental weight loss program. An added bonus is an increase in resistance when engaged in physical activity: an increase in the calories burned! An important bonus is the ability to help regulate glucose levels in your system.

Svelte Power is made from Bitter Orange (citrus aurantium), a natural product: a spiny evergreen citrus tree. The base of the tree is often used for sweet orange grafts; outstanding marmalade, orange-flavored liquors, and essential oils are extracted from this tree.

Studies have confirmed a stimulant and appetite suppressant effect when ingested. Svelte Power contains N-methyltramine, octopamine, and synephrine which, are all tyramine metabolites (stimulants) that have been used for a long time in weight management programs. This is a powerful product that has been carefully studied  for its safety. 1