Our Newest Nutritional Supplement Package Deal

(Discontinued) We’ve released our new package deal on nutritional supplements, herbal extracts and a laxative combined with nutritional plans. Tri-Salts, M.A.G.², Senna 5, and our custom Nutritional Plan all in one package.


Tri-Salts have been specially designed as a nutritional supplement that offers easy toleration, even for sensitive individuals. The ingredients used are extremely pure without the addition of any filler. Another positive aspect of this supplement is that it offers a unique buffering agent that contains the perfect balance of reagent minerals and contains no salt or sodium. What’s more, you can also mix it with Vitamin C, enabling pH adjustment to customize it to individual needs.

Contents: Tri Salts contains the following ingredients:
Calcium: 450 gms, aimed at reducing the alkalinity in the body along with the promotion of healthy bones.
Magnesium: 250 mg; it balances the acids present in the digestive system and lends support to strong bones.
Potassium: 99 mg; It offers bone health and also reduces symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, bringing relief to other acidic conditions.


The product has been specifically designed for the purpose of losing weight in a short period. It contains essential extracts of herbal compounds, which have been globally recognized for their positive impact in losing weight. It is a product that is aimed at reducing the appetite, burning calories, enhancing physical performance and vitality. It is recommended in the following cases:

For Effective burning of calories and for reducing appetite.
For increasing energy and offering an enhanced physical performance.
Increasing the metabolism rate and reducing cholesterol levels.
For Losing weight and maintaining muscle mass in the body.
For detoxification of the body and for reducing cellulite.

Senna 5

This is a laxative that acts as a stimulant offering temporary relief from constipation problems. It is in the form of laxative tablets, capable of offering overnight solutions and gentle and predictable relief for constipation problems.


It provides relief from constipation and irregular bowels.
It is effective in producing bowel movement within 6 to 12 hours of intake.

Nutritional Plan

This consists of a set of nutritional plans that can provide guidance and instruction on eating plans. A series of nutritional plans are provided on a weekly basis for the duration of a month. When you place an order, the first plan is sent to you. The rest of the plans are sent to you after receiving your reports through email, on a weekly basis.

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