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Svelte Power



• Supports proper digestive functions
• Help burning calories steadily and in a short time
• Help to increase resistance when performing a physical activity
• Help to regulate glucose levels in the blood

Hunger management is a complex chemical and hormonal phenomenon. Two adipose hormones are the key in the "gut" to the obesity profile, leptin and ghrelin. Simply put leptin increases satiety and ghrelin increases the sensation of hunger.

However, it is not that simple. There are complex chemical reactions that take place depending on a person's biological makeup, blood glucose levels, genetic make-up and thyroidal predisposition that all have contributing factors pertaining to when a person feels full and/ or hungry, or when an individual craves food, or craves certain types of foods.

Svelte Power is a formula that helps to fat loss. It also helps to supports proper digestive functions, and provides the sensation of feeling full. 


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